The Park Internship

Thank you for your interest in serving God through The Park Christian Community Church! We are looking for Christian ministry minded individuals who are focused on serving Jesus and people.
The Park Internship is for those who are Kingdom focused and sense a call of God on their life. If you have a heart to serve in the local church and are interested in learning more about ministry, this incredible experience could be for you.
This internship program allows you to serve alongside the ministry teams at The Park in Mesquite, TX . In this internship you will be stretched to think creatively as a problem-solver, learn to manage your time and resources, learn leadership skills, and strengthen your relationship with Christ.
The internship includes teaching and training combined with hands-on experience and interaction with The Park staff. You will become part of our team and gain valuable experience. Whether you’re interested in the ministries of music, production, kids, students, adults, teaching, event planning, or church administration, there is a place for you!
The program is open to those in high school or college/university.
Internship Program Dates
Spring: February – May
Summer: June – August
Fall: September – December
If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Internship Schedule




WEEKLY SCHEDULE Interns follow an academic year cycle. Available internship program dates are Fall, Spring, and Summer. This schedule is subject to change.

Tuesday: 9am – 12pm, 1pm – 4pm Wednesday: 1pm – 3pm, 5pm – 8pm Thursday: 9am – 12pm, 1pm – 4pm Sunday: 8am – 11:30am
** Individual intern schedule’s may vary depending on circumstance. 

DAILY SCHEDULE The Park Internship program was developed to facilitate the training concepts of instruction, mentoring and practical experience. 


ACCOUNTABILITY Interns will meet with the ministry leader on a weekly basis. During this time, interns will be challenged and held accountable in many aspects of their life. This time will help interns establish personal and spiritual goals.


READING Throughout the year, interns will read designated books that will help with their spiritual growth. Interns will have the opportunity to present to a summarization of a specific chapter and have discussions through detailed questions.


MINISTRY TRACK The internship will consist of serving in Ministry Tracks. Whether its involvement in planning monthly events, camps, or service you’ll be involved in the heartbeat of a growing and thriving ministry. We believe that teaching and experience go hand-in-hand, and that the integration of information and application is the key to your success.


SERVICE Interns will be given the opportunity to serve and reach out to our community on a weekly basis. Whether you’re raking leaves or promoting church events in the neighborhood, we believe learning to serve is key to our success.

PRAYER Interns will start your day seeking God in prayer. We want you above all else to be intimately acquainted with the voice of God.

TEAM BUILDING Interns will participate in weekly team building exercises to help with team unity and bonding.


Internship Application Form 




What are the expected work hours for the internship?

Interns are expected to work 12-15 hrs a week in the department for which they are interning.

What is the cost for the The Park Internship?

There is no application or participation fee for the Internship program.


Is there a minimum age to participate?

Yes, we ask all applicants to be in high school or older.


Are there any educational requirements?

Yes, the program is open to those in high school or college/university. For those interested in video and graphic design, experience with Adobe software is recommended.


Can I attend only part of the program?

You will get the most out of the Internship by participating in the entire program. Any request for partial participation will be considered on an individual basis.


Can I hold a part-time job and participate in the Internship?

Yes. In most cases you will be able to have a part-time job and participate in the Internship. It will be necessary for you to work around the internship schedule.


Will I get paid?

No. The Internship program is a volunteer program. Participants are not employees or independent contractors. No wages, insurance, or other compensatory benefits will be provided.


Must I attend The Park Church to participate?

No. However, all program participants will be encouraged to attend, observe, or serve at the Wednesday and Sunday services during the length of the program.