At The Park Church, we believe that every life stage provides a unique opportunity for growth. 


We all grow in different ways and at different paces. From nursery to the golden years of life, God has a purpose and a journey for each of us to enjoy. As we minister to every age group, the methods may vary, but the message is still the same: Jesus.





Babies are a blessing! In these early stages of life, consistent love and affection are crucial in preparing young hearts for the gospel. Our nursery staff is dedicated to this end.


Sunday School 9AM

Preschool Worship 10:15AM





Children are special! During these delicate formative years, our children’s leaders are teaching gospel truth in a fast-paced exciting atmosphere. Your children will learn and grow in a safe, fun environment.


Sunday School 9AM

Children’s Church 10:15AM 

AWANAS Wednesday  5:30PM






Jr. and Sr. High youth play such an important role in the health of the local church. Our youth leaders understand the importance of the critical years as they speak Bible truth into their lives.


Sunday School 9AM

Worship 10:15AM  






Our adult ministry is an integral part of our church! We offer Sunday School classes, groups, and Bible study opportunities for adults of all walks of life for building a relationship with Him and others.


Sunday School 9AM


Worship 10:15AM

Bible Study
Wednesday Morning Online 10AM
Men’s Bible Study
Friday Morning Online 6:30AM